Hi, I’m Eric. I’m technical director @enginsightcom with deep interest in it security.
Eric Range

Raspberry Pi 4 Shutdown: Trouble Shooting

If you ever do a rpi-update on your Raspberry Pi 4, it may occur that the shutdown process do not work anymore as expected, due to the newer firmware version. The newer version has changed the default “HALT” state after the launch firmware. The default state is now “idle” and “not power-off”. The ethernet adapter […]

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Linux

Ubuntu 20.04 Navigate to: Add following lines: And reboot: Raspbian (Buster) Navigate to: Add following lines: And reboot:


Today I implemented a few techniques to detect common web-based attacks and came across the following Nginx access log entry. I immediately spotted the command injection attempt but didn’t pay any attention due to the 400 “Bad Request” HTTP response status code. Somehow I was a little disappointed because the attack was easy to detect and […]

JavaScript: Is this a number?

Dynamic typing and JavaScript sometimes don’t fit together so well. This is especially important for numbers. A numeric value in a variable is not always declared as a number, although in theory it can only take numeric values. So how should one check whether it is a number “in the broadest sense” that can be […]